Designing Life Classes

God meets us where we are in life and so it is with Designing Life Classes.  It doesn’t matter where you are on your faith journey, Design House Co. is here to help and serve through the love of Christ.  Designing Life Classes are meant to have a teacher and individuals who want to learn God’s word (Acts 8:30-31).  Each session builds upon the previous session using art and design so individuals retain and gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures as it pertains to their life situation.  Classes and workshops are available seasonally and upon request.

Class Structure

 We use art application, hospitality, design and self-reflection activities to develop a deeper relationship with God and each other.  While we are making art, we are also developing solid creative writing skills, understanding time management and building a learning community of women and girls who value who they are as they understand God's promises.  

Set Your Mind 

This is a Friday afternoon/evening (4pm-8pm), Saturday day (10am-2pm) workshop at the beautiful and cozy restaurant/store, The Cornucopia, located in Ames, Iowa. We will gather to discuss Christian mindfulness and what it means to have a faithful godly focus in this fast-paced world. We will have dinner (Friday) and lunch (Saturday) together as well use art, journaling, and mood/vision boards to deepen our relationship with God.  Cost: $125. RSVP by July 16.  Register here.